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About Us

Apex Real Estate Network is a full-service real estate investment company located in Tucson, AZ. We specialize in property management, construction development, and real estate brokerage.

The Apex Team

Dream Bigger

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Core Values


We take on all challenges as if they were our own. We exercise the same care and diligence in solving the problems of others as we would if we were solving them for ourselves.


We get done what we say we're going to get done and hold ourselves accountable to do so.


We are forthright and above board with all our interactions. We do not act in a manner that may be perceived as dishonest and pursue all we do in a manner of utmost integrity.


We treat our customers, team members, and vendors with the same respect and dignity as we would want to be treated. When we disagree, we do so adamantly, but never in a way that treats others in a disrespectful manner.


We recognize the world as competitive, dynamic, and full of intelligent individuals. To be successful, we cannot be stagnant and must strive to improve ourselves both personally and professionally.